New Media Hybrid

Marigolds in Yellow Vase

Inspired by the Post-Impressionist artwork of Van Gogh and the Cubism style of Picasso, digital photography and computer manipulation allow me to experiment with innovative and imaginative approaches to art using a combination of styles to create a new media hybrid in modern art.

This new contemporary art print, began as a photograph of a cube that was constructed from individual photos of beautiful Marigold flowers from my garden attached to a vase.  Natural lighting from the sunrise reflecting through my dining room window served as the main source of lighting and creating different color, and shading on the side of the cube nearest the window.

Light in Corner

A unique work of art created for those seeking the wall d├ęcor that combines the look of texture and chalk pastels on concrete to become the focal point for any room. My new media work, Light in Corner portrait and square editions, were created using a digital chalk smudge technique inspired by Impressionist artist, Edgar Degas. Known for his series of Dancers, much of his work has scenes that are illuminated by artificial light, using multiple layers of pastel. (click here to purchase)